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About Us

Dunvegan North Oilfield Services Ltd is a specialty energy infrastructure contractor primarily serving the oil and gas and power industries offering construction, maintenance and facilities development services.

Company Profile

We began building our story executing large and complex pipeline projects in 1999. Since, Dunvegan North Oilfield Services Ltd. has grown into a full-service contractor performing all aspects of Pipeline & Facility Construction & Maintenance.

Our clients include major, independent and national oil companies, product and natural gas pipeline transmission companies; and oil, gas and product storage companies.

As well, we have worked for leading Canadian major pipeline companies performing integrity repairs, environmental remedial work & addressing landowner issues following construction programs.

In addition to new construction, we also perform pipeline integrity projects to help our clients keep up with the demand of their aging infrastructure and changing pipeline regulations.

Dunvegan North Oilfield Services Ltd is a full-service contractor that is committed to completing client’s projects on time and on budget. This is achieved by using qualified, safety-oriented employees and well-maintained equipment. We welcome all project inquiries that your company may require.

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